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“Say This, Not That”
A Foolproof Guide to Effective Interpersonal Communication

Talk and Book Signing with Carl Alasko,

Friday, February 28th, 7:30 pm
We are pleased to have Monterey’s own Carl Alasko return to Luminata for a talk on the subject of his latest book, Say This, Not That. Dr. Alasko is the author of two previous books on relationships and communication, the popular Emotional B.S. and Beyond Blame. In his third book, Carl hones in on communication skills and techniques that anyone can learn and apply to become more effective in harmonious interchanges and to deepen listening skills that enrich one’s life and relationships. Carl Alasko has found that with the right guidance, anyone can learn effective communication skills. In Say This, Not That, Alasko presents readers with simple instructions for what to say . . . and what not to say.

Do your words often create the opposite effect of what you are hoping for—escalating tensions rather than solving problems? In Say This, Not That, Dr. Alasko provides simple instructions for what to say and what not to say, in the moments when it really counts. Accompanying each set of statements is a brief discussion about what makes one statement positive and effective, and the other self-defeating. This is a perfect resource for anyone who longs to say the right thing at the right time. A practical guide to enrich and deepen your relationships.

Carl Alasko has been a psychotherapist specializing in couples and families for thirty years. In addition to his books, he writes the weekly advice column “On Relationships” for the Monterey County Herald. Don’t miss the chance to meet the author and hear him speak on the subject of his latest book. The event is free.

“Freedom to Blossom”
Talk and Book Signing

with Brie Mathers,
Friday, August 16th at 7:30 pm

This Friday Luminata is featuring writer and seminar speaker Brie Mathers. Brie is the author of Freedom to Blossom, Speaking My Truth and is currently writing her third book. Brie was sixteen when she plumbed the depths of anorexia and exercise bulimia, eighteen when she broke the surface and bloomed into a passionate women’s health eco-activist. She founded Love the Skin You’re In™ to inspire girls to love their bodies, their communities, and their health by igniting their appetite for life.

Brie has addressed thousands of young women across North America with her multimedia, myth-busting outreach seminar for sustainability and self-esteem. She has worked extensively one-on-one to support hundreds of young women online and in private retreats who are finding the courage to chart a new relationship with their bodies. Everywhere she goes she inspires a new and healthier legacy. Brie is a dedicated student of Zen and yoga, and also a hip-hop artist. Don’t miss this chance to hear her talk about the things she is passionate about, and inspire you to re-ignite your passion for life and healthy living. The event is free.

“Here On Earth”
Talk and Book Signing
with Marcia Perry,
Friday, July 12th at 7:30 pm

Local artist and author Marcia Perry will be at Luminata this month to celebrate the publication of her newest book, Here on Earth, An Animal Alphabet. Marcia is an accomplished painter, and she has written and illustrated this delightful alphabet primer. Employing charming poetic alliteration and original prose to accompany her detailed and colorful paintings, Marcia has created a work of art that will please parents and teachers as well as children learning to read. Marcia’s experience of getting her book published is also a rare and inspiring success story. Her manuscript was instantly accepted for publication by the highly regarded Pomegranate Press, a rare occurrence in the publishing field, and a testimony to the originality and creativity of her writing and art. Don’t miss this chance to hear Marcia tell her story, reveal some of her artistic secrets, and to get a signed copy of a book that will be a collector’s treasure.

The event is free.

“Carried by the Light”
Shamanic Ritual with Jon Rasmussen
Friday, June 28th, 7:30 pm

Just back from a powerful trip to Peru with great ceremony and insights, local shaman Jon Rasmussen will be leading a summer ritual with a guided shamanic journey. A big message that came through during his recent Peruvian excursion is that we are being held and looked after, and we only need to accept and fully receive what is going on in our lives, including the painful experiences, in order to make it more quickly and gracefully through with the help of our guides.
Jon will develop this theme of accepting and growing though our experiences in this talk and guided ritual. The summer solstice is traditionally a time for celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. It is a time of healing, cleansing and renewal. A time to clean out old unnecessary baggage. A time to create new inner and outer space, free of clutter and excess. Jon will lead us in a solstice ceremony employing traditional shamanic ritual tools for drawing down blessings upon our world. The shamans say that we dream our world into being by what we focus our attention on most and by our habits of thought (or beliefs) and emotions. To change our reality and the world we live in, we must shift our focus of attention, our thoughts, our dream.  Jon’s work is dedicated to empowering you to consciously be aware of and shift how you are dreaming your  reality into being by clearing any past influences from the essential core of who you are, and, by recognizing how you feel in the moment of now (your inner guidance system) so that you can play a deliberate, free, and powerful role in the creation of your own experience.  As each of us one by one steps more fully into this role of co-creator, free and powerful in every moment, the whole world evolves into greater balance and joy.

Jon Rasmussen is a well-known local shaman and author of Dreaming Your World into Being. His shamanic studies include apprenticeship with world famous shaman Alberto Villoldo, and tutelage in the Andes with the mysterious Q’ero Indians of Peru. Jon has a growing national reputation as a carrier of the authentic shamanic tradition of the Americas. No charge; love offerings accepted

“Using Crystals and Gemstones”
Class at
with Valerie O’Kelly
Tuesday, May 21st 7:30 pm
Nature’s treasure vault of gems and crystals offers us an exciting spectrum of tools to help us on our journey. Valerie O’Kelly is an intuitive who has owned her own book and gift shop with a focus on crystals. She is also a teacher of meditation and is a lifelong student of higher knowledge, and is now an intuitive counselor at Luminata on Tuesdays. We are  delighted to have Valerie speak on the subject of working with crystals for healing, development and manifesting. She will relate the various stones to the
subtle body energy system and will address how we can use these allies of the natural world to enhance prosperity, health, relationships and all aspects of our lives.
There will be a charge of ten dollars for the class; cost includes a natural quartz crystal with organza pouch.

March 2013 In-Store Events

“Divination & Joy” Pendulum Class
With Joan Rose Staffen

Friday, March 29 at 7:30 pm
The pendulum is an ancient dowsing tool, used in various cultures for thousands of years. The pendulum works with the mysterious power of the subconscious mind to clear blocks, provide answers, and bring light into your life. Joan Staffen calls her approach Divination & Joy, an intuitive coaching method that will help you understand your issues, find spiritual solutions, and move forward in your life.

People from diverse backgrounds have learned to use the pendulum and charts for decision-making, help in relationships, and right livelihood. Come join us for this fun, lively, and powerful class. Bring your questions – we’ll have time to do a few mini-readings. Bring a pendulum, or choose from the wide variety available at Luminata. Learn to use the pendulum to find life solutions.

Joan Rose Staffen is a counselor and intuitive who has trained in energy healing, meditation, and pendulum dowsing methods. She has taught pendulum divination at the West Coast Dowser Conference, and at numerous northern California bookstores. A teacher, writer and artist, she is the author of Divination and Joy, Divination & Action, and Catching You, Catching Me, Catching Fire. Joan Rose is dedicated to assisting others to rediscover their purpose and actualize their dreams. Come join us for a magical evening.

Cost: Five dollars * (Cost of the class may be applied toward purchase
of Joan’s books, or a pendulum from Luminata.)

“Finding the Beauty within Imperfection,”
Shamanic Ritual and Guided Journey, With Jon Rasmussen
Friday, March 22nd, 7: 30 pm

Spring is the time of the rebirth and awakening of the natural world. With the bursting life forces of spring comes hope of new life and renewed activity within the eternal cycles of nature. Popular local shaman Jon Rasmussen will give a talk on the theme of “Finding the Beauty within Imperfection,”and will lead us in a guided shamanic ritual in observance of the spring equinox.

Jon Rasmussen is a well-known local shaman and author of Dreaming Your World into Being. His shamanic studies include apprenticeship with world famous shaman Alberto Villoldo, and tutelage in the Andes with the mysterious Q’ero Indians of Peru. Jon has a growing national reputation as a carrier of the authentic shamanic tradition of the Americas. The event is free. Love offerings accepted.

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January 2013 Luminata Event


Aromatherapy “The Divine Blueprint”

Talk, Power Point Presentation, and Book Signing

with Robert Perala

Friday Evening, January 25th, 7:30 pm

Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect. While best known for his lectures and book publications, he is a sought after television personality, inspirational speaker, and humanitarian relief advocate. His work includes 25 years of research in Extraterrestrial and Earth based anomalies, Metaphysics, and Spirituality. He has appeared on CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime, and Coast to Coast AM.

Robert’s lecture explores the mysterious connection between 2013 and possible direct contact with extraterrestrials. He will explore the interpersonal relationship we share with Personal Guides, Transitioned Souls, the Origin of the Soul, Dreamtime Visitations, the Mysteries of The Pleiades, Extraterrestrials, Methods of Contact, Life Before Birth, Life After Death, and more. A major focus will be on the idea of planetary ascension. Robert’s talk includes a wonderful power point presentation.

The event is free. Love offerings accepted.